10 churches for Ukraine

Making Disciples by Teaching English.

Please, join us in summer 2022 to see MULTIPLICATION happen when we plan to host 10 MISSION TEAMS from US coming throughout the whole summer to serve alongside local disciple-makers in Ukraine.


Kingdom Partnership Initiative 2021:

Three US ministries and many individual donors put their efforts together this summer in Ukraine to see the KINGDOM come even closer by praying, giving and going to work with Our Legacy ministry PARTNER - Light of the Gospel Church in Central Ukraine.

Despite of COVID restrictions and limited finances, we had 10 people (9 from IL and 1 from MN) COMING to Kamy’anka, Cherkassy oblast, Ukraine to work with local disciple makers at Light of the Gospel church, helping this church to engage with local community in even more meaningful way, share the GOSPEL with young people and their parents and serve as native speakers catalyst to expand ongoing ESL, Sports and Business DISCIPLE - MAKING done by indigenous leaders locally.


Mission to Ukraine 2022

As a Native English Speaker you bring at least two very important values to the table.

1) People from Ukraine are able to practice their Conversational English with Native Speaker;

2) You are bringing in a different (Western) culture to learn more about and explore. Locally we can’t substitute that with anything else.

For you personally, coming to Ukraine and serving with us, it brings great value as well. You see the World, Christian ministry, God from different, unusual perspective. You learn a lot. Also, you are able to be a catasyst in existing work being done in Ukraine

And, finaly, we all are working together in disciple-making strategy, learning how to make disciples in different cultures, getting practical skills, deeping your relationships with God and expanding the Kindom

We want to invite you to be a part of our Kingdom Initiative in 2022 either by giving or by becoming a fundraiser or by coming to Ukraine yourself. This might be done as an individual as well as a church team missional project.

Here’s a brief overview of the Mission Trip Opportunity next summer:

Disciple Making Training (watch video)
Intercultural Intelligence Training (https://www.knowledgeworkx.com/cultural-agility-development)
5 days of English VBS (watch video)
5 days of Karabin Camp (visit website)
Open Crowd Community Festival (watch video)
Relational Capital Building 
Worship with Ukrainian church 
Sightseeing and Cultural Exchange
Internship Experience (watch video)

Length: 14 days total
Total Cost: $3,000/person 
Dates: Any 14 days of your choice throughout the summer
Ages: 18 – 60
Team size: 10-20
No Logistical Hassle
No Visa Required
No Special Preparation

People Engaged: 500 
People heard the Gospel: 100 
Kids discipled: 40
Local leaders trained: 50 
Kids visited camp: 120 
Churches involved: 5 
Partnerships Developed 
Movement Supported

Areas of discipleship-making movement

Sports Movement
During our time, we will implement many disciple making strategies that use sports and play as a way to engage people and start spiritual conversation. Our Legacy will involve local disciple makers via sports and play to be a part of our time together

Part of the funds that you are raising will be going into a fund that will provide seed capital for greater local ministry sustainability. This way, you are not only serving alongside your brothers and sisters from Ukraine, but also you are investing your resources into their more sustainable local ministry

Camp Karabin
We will be taking local kids to Camp Karabin and provide an unforgettable experience for underprivileged kids. Also, local disciple makers will join us there, thus providing a follow up work with these kids after the project is over. Finally, many young people will be trained and equipped in camp ministry through our time together!

Our Legacy will be equipping Christian men during our trip with tools and resources to reach men and their families with the Gospel as well as help Christian men to become even more godly fathers and husbands

Holistic Students
With your help as native speakers we will be able to expose our people to a different culture and expand their worldview, build new relationships and provide more opportunities for Ukrainian young people in the future

International mission work
While the team is on the ground, we will be taking a holistic approach in each location investing and equipping local disciple makers in several areas of ministry. Take a look at other programs and how they will be engaged with this summer project