Main prayer Requests:
1. For the eldest daughter Oleksandra, she is a teenager, may she be with God, and may God give us wisdom in raising her.
2. For my wife, may God give her strength and health, because there is a lot of mental stress and her health cannot stand it.
3. For the health of my son Kirill, he has an allergy.
4. For the middle daughter Masha, for her to know God and success in sports.
5. For the salvation of pupils in God, for the development of infrastructure.
6. Also we need a soccer field for students’ parents. For the spiritual condition of coaches.

Ministry overview

Andriy and Anna Trypolsky.
We’ve been married for over 17 years, we have three wonderful children. All of them play in Penuel and help within this ministry.

In 2005, after I finished playing professional soccer at the age of 20, faced with the injuries and dirt of the sports world, I came to church. My grandmother used to go there and prayed for me for years. The ministry of the Penuel Christian Soccer Club began there.

Our Mission: To exemplify a holistic Christian life at the highest possible sporting level in a soccer-related society through:

– life example, building personal relationships and service to people and God; 
– evidence of a possible life change.

In recent years, we have come to a big vision: a professional club and a full-fledged children’s academy, where we raise good football players who build their lives on Christian values.

Today, we have 14 teams of various ages in our structure, in which about 230 students play sports. Now a significant percentage of them are immigrants from regions destroyed by the war. Our teams train from 3 to 6 times a week, take part in official competitions – Ukrainian, regional and city championships.

Along with the sports component, we conduct various team building and personal development classes for them, and we actively invite those who wish to attend Bible study groups adapted for different ages. Together with me now are 16 coaches and volunteers who ensure the functioning of the club. Almost all of them are pupils of “Penuel” who came to God through our work. For me, Penuel is the main ministry, I believe and see that the Lord takes an active part in it.

2023 Plans                                                                                                                            
1. Improvement of systematic bible study for children’s teams.
2. The application for Ukrainian championship among amateur adult.
3. Integration of young people and teenagers from home Bible study groups into the local church.

Instagram: @andrey_tripolskiy84

Ministry Expenses 
$1,115 – Construction of a soccer field with an artificial surface.
$97,222/year – Continuation of participation in competitions in which we previously participated (expenses for the team’s travel, pitch rental, payment for courts and medical staff, as well as contributions to these tournaments).
$850/month – partial support of Tripolsy’s family.

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