Main prayer Requests:
1. The safety of my family, the resources to rebuild the house (which was destroyed by the Russians during the occupation of Irpen).
2. The wisdom to serve the children who lost their fathers in the war.

Ministry overview

Roman and Irina Golovanova. We have been living in a happy marriage for over 12 years. We have two children, a son Mark, who is 11 years old, and another son, Theodore, who is 2 years old.

I, Roman, am the CEO of Karabin Camp. We organize camps, hikes and other events for children and adolescents. By education I am a child psychologist and I lead a media project for parents — Childhood Laboratory. My hobby is hiking. I love mountains. 

I serve at the O4 — the Fatherhood Movement. We help parents to develop their own competence. Our dream is for every dad to bring heaven to his family and help other parents to be responsible.

2023 Plans
1.Organization of a shelter for children from front-line cities during the coldest season of the year.
2. Writing two programs: 
1) Rehabilitation of military personnel returning to their families.
2) A program for camps with stress management tips and the gospel for children who have seen the horrors of war.
3. Search for initiators of new groups for dads in churches. 
4. Conducting three months of camps during the summer. 
5.Conducting two camps in the field of art therapy.

Email: golovanov.r@gmail.com
Instagram: @golovanov.r

Ministry Expenses
$ 25,500 — Per 1 month for 50 kids of a shelter.
$ 12,790 — Writing program.
$ 12,000 — Groups for 
$ 10,000 — Two camps artherapy.
$ 250,000 — 3 Monts of camps (15 camps) and develop camp territory .
$1,500 — Partial support from the Golovanov family.

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