Help ukraine

On February 24th, at about 4 a.m. Kyiv time, president of russian federation vladimir putin announced a so-called military operation in Ukraine with the purpose of “demilitarization and denazification of Ukraine”. Just a few moments after, Russian military lunched rockets at many Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv region.

That was the beginning of Russian full-scale war against Ukraine.

Emergeny Fund — Support Ukraine

Our Legacy, joined forces with many ministry partners and churches throughout Ukraine to serve the people who are in need providing them with necessary food and supplies and also evacuating them from hot spots. ⠀

We ask you to support this initiative both spiritually and financially. ⠀

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Today, we are writing to you looking for financial support for the people who are a part of Our Legacy ministry throughout Ukraine. These are the people who work directly in the DMM movement, develop sports ministries, and serve the Lord in their hometowns.

Our Legacy partners with Light of the Gospel(LOTG) church in the city of Kamyanka in the Central Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war,LOTG has been evacuating and transporting internally displaced people throughout Ukraine, delivering food and supplies to the needy, doing lots of local transporting for the church.