zharikov FAMILY

Main prayer Requests:
1. Pray for our family that God will use us for the growth of God's kingdom.
2. Pray for the further development of the Bible School.

Ministry overview
Andrii and Nataliia Zharikov.
We are married and have two children, a girl Arianna and a boy Aaron. Our family has a small business, we make wood products and sell them all over Ukraine.
Since 2018, Andriy has been the director of the Leadership School.  The School of Leadership is a school that teaches people to study the Bible on their own using the inductive method. The school’s team realized that a Christian who knows and understands the Word of God well and can convey or explain it to others is actually becoming a leader who influences others.

The mission of the school is to educate leaders who pass on the Word in obedience to Christ and raise new leaders.

The team wants to educate leaders through the study of God’s Word. Twice a year, there are two main sessions where participants study separate books of Scripture, and we also add thematic sessions.

2024 Plans
1. A meeting of the all-Ukrainian team of the Discipleship Multiplication Movement – 3 meetings/year.
2. Meeting with church leaders from Ukraine – 2 meetings per year.
3. Prayer crusade for all Movement workers.
4. Mentoring trips for Movement churches. Multiplication of Discipleship – 2 trips per year.
5. Teaching sessions and seminars 6-7 trips.
6. Completion of the “9:38 Leadership Development Center” where most of the events and student training will take place.

Email: zharikov100@gmail.com
Instagram:  @anzharikov

Ministry Expenses
$500/month – partial support of Zharikov’s family.
$380/year – three meetings of the all-Ukrainian team of the Discipleship Multiplication Movement.
$460/year – two meetings with church leaders from Ukraine during the year.
$390/year – a prayer crusade for all Movement workers.
$410/year – two trips to mentor Discipleship Movement churches.
$750/year – teaching sessions and seminars for 6-7 trips, funds are needed only for travel.
$120,000 to complete the 9:38 Leadership Development Center where most events and student training will take place.
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Join ZHARIKOV’s Family in their kingdom work

To give offline, please, send a check payable to Our Legacy to PO Box 874, Owatonna, MN 55060. Put your designation in the memo. If you leave the memo blank, it will go to the area of greatest need. Thank you so much for your support.