Oleksandr Petrychenko Story

By the time I had turned 10, I had not only tried smoking and drinking – it had become a regular part of my life. It was pretty common in the orphanage which I had gotten into.
Every now and then some believers would come to visit us, play games together, perform some plays and just fellowship together. One family expressed a desire to take me with them. My dream had always been to get into a nice family, but the thing was – I also had two siblings. Thankfully, in this case, it wasn’t an obstacle. In 2013 all of us took a first step into our new real home. That day I promised myself to never smoke, drink alcohol or swear ever again.
In 2015 I got introduced to floorball and started playing it regularly. I like how training sessions foster both spiritual and physical parts of you.
In 2019 I made peace with Christ and testified to it with baptism. Last year I entered a Pedagogical College. Before that I had made a decision to be a part of the college floorball team to bring young boys to Christ. It was my main goal.
I thank God who helps put my wishes into action: it has been two months since I started training boys. There are usually eight to fifteen people. We follow a special tradition to pray before the training session and after it. I believe that Jesus will change the lives of these young people just as He has changed mine.

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