2023 Camp Karabin Winter Shelter Project

Over the past two months, Russia purposefully has launched more than 1,000 missiles and drones to destroy the energy system of Ukraine. Tens of millions of people now have light for only a few hours a day.  A cold winter awaits Ukraine in January and February.  Therefore, many families with children who live in the southern and eastern parts of Ukraine are currently at risk of freezing in their apartments where heating and water supply directly depend on electricity supply.  


Prolonged and constant cooling of the child’s body weakens immune system and leads to serious diseases. Parents began to seek Karabin team for a help, requesting to provide their children with the opportunity to live in warm rooms during the coldest months of winter.


“Our Legacy” can help organize a warm and safe shelter in the Carpathian Mountains, where a group of children will be wrapped not only with warmth, but also with a spiritual care.  


The shelter will have all the necessary means both for safe existence in the cold season and for comprehensive development. In the shelter, the Karabin Camp team will provide for children: online education, English classes, Bible stories, fitness lessons, art therapy, cooking, diys, and crafting useful tools for the army.


We are looking for support to organize a shelter and provide children with everything they need.

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